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What is an API?

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are the `glue` that connects machines and computer programs. If you're going to build the next text start-up, you must know how APIs work.


What is REST?

REST (REpresentational State Transfer) is a method that allows for `state` to be transferred to another place, just like Teleportation. It's hard to understand it by theory, that's why we've built LearnRest.dev, so you can learn by practice.


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When you start to build bigger tech products, security becomes an issue. So you need to learn how to work with secure API Keys. By creating an account, we let you manage your API keys.

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Free Test and Mock APIs for Learning

All APIs require a free access token, that you can get after Signing up.

API Name Description Supported Methods
User Profile API View authenticated user's profile data. Learn how header authentication works. GET
Car Brands API Get popular car brands and other related information. Learn how to query APIs for information. Supports search and pagination. GET
My Books API Create, Read, Update, Delete a list of books. Learn how basic CRUD operations work. GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
My Images API Create, Read, Update, Delete images. Learn how image uploads and responses work. GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
Status Codes API Learn how API HTTP status responses are received. GET

Move Fast and Break Things.

Feel free to play around with the free API and endpoints. If you make a mistake, erase everything and start over.

  • Tick No local setup, node.js or docker required
  • Tick Learn GET, POST, PUT, DELETE requests
  • Tick Learn the REST principals

Your API Mentor in the Cloud.

Unlike any other service, you'll see how an API works in the real-world. But we keep your datasafe.

  • Tick All API keys expire automatically.
  • Tick All uploaded data deleted automatically.
  • Tick Use with Postman, Mobile apps or any REST Client

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Here are answers to a few of the most common questions we get about REST APIs and API development.

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